About Us

The Throgmorton Plant Management's Staff has over thirty years experience gardening in Northern Colorado. Our goal is to beautify homes and businesses using state of the art environmentally friendly horticultural practices. We enjoy working in cooperation with nature and our business partner’s needs.

Landscape Construction
Personal care is installed in every Throgmorton Plant Management landscape construction project. Our staff is flexible enough to build small or large landscape projects. Incorporating Xeriscape principles requires our involvement from site preparation to sprinkler set up to plant and hardscape installation to ongoing maintenance of projects.

Horticulture Diagnosis
Garden & landscape consultation and plant diagnosis are ways to keep existing landscapes healthy and thriving. Utilizing Integrated Plant Management (IPM), our plant diagnostic services are a proactive way to maintain plant health and vigor.

Pruning Services
With our shrub and small tree pruning, we work with the natural form of plants to let them grow into their fullest form. We focus on dormant plant pruning when structure and form are best seen. We specialize in fruit pruning to maximize food production.